I saw this famous Reddit post a few weeks back that involved a rowdy cook and a young man that just wanted to eat his eggs in peace – the way he’d ordered them. This particular song covers what I think would be a great soundtrack to the movie that they make about this scene. Quentin Tarantino directing, of course…

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One of the things I enjoy about music is the universal understanding that musicians have when they hear their part in it. I see a lot of this on ProCollabs.com, which may be a reason it’s become one of my favorite haunts for musical growth and challenge! I’m an English speaker and couldn’t have told you a thing about this song at first listen, but the syncopation at the beginning caught my ear and I could feel a funky bass line waiting to be played. Italy needs a new groove!

ProCollabs often runs fun challenges and contests to prompt users and promote interaction. One such contest they held last year was the rule of two: you had to write a song with at least two people performing, with two chords, with the number two in the title and artwork, in two minutes.

I’m pretty tickled with how it turned out, Jofi is a talented guy!


I’ve been on a pretty good kick lately with recording short intro/outro clips for podcasts. This one was fun for a number of reasons – sort of a generic chord structure meets Halo 2?

Mixing went a little on the heavy side from what I normally do. Oh well.

Everyone became a recording artist in 2020 with stimulus checks and stay-home mandates, right? Well, before put your work out there for the world to hear, jump on the ProCollabs.com website and have other musicians, pro-audio engineers, producers and more add to your work, mix it and master for radio-ready sound! I’ve been a part of this site for a while and I can safely say that I’ve grown as a musician and “sound guy”, benefiting from the networking and discussion on forums and between artists and engineers, as well as the experiences in working with other musicians. This is a great resource and worth the investment, I’ll see you on there!

I needed a place to put this out there to share, and since poetry is a form of art this is as good a place as any. I wrote this piece over five years ago and I’m sad to say that it is every bit as relevant.

Lament of the Common American

Am I the only one who sees what’s going on,

countrymen divided and afraid?

Socially acceptant of the omens of slavery;

elitists bend us to their ways.

Breaking the standards by which we all are ruled,

the few remain somehow still exempt.

They drink our blood, wipe their mouths, say ‘I have done no wrong,

Viewing the law with utter contempt.