Lament of the Common American

I needed a place to put this out there to share, and since poetry is a form of art this is as good a place as any. I wrote this piece over five years ago and I’m sad to say that it is every bit as relevant.

Lament of the Common American

Am I the only one who sees what’s going on,

countrymen divided and afraid?

Socially acceptant of the omens of slavery;

elitists bend us to their ways.

Breaking the standards by which we all are ruled,

the few remain somehow still exempt.

They drink our blood, wipe their mouths, say ‘I have done no wrong,

Viewing the law with utter contempt.

Ethics and morality; religion, pushed aside;

Agenda is the new and better faith.

Seeking to justify their actions with the law,

they claim our problems are about race.

Peripheral attacks from inside and without

incessantly barrage the common man.

Monopolies of media propagate their lies,

demonizing those who take a stand.

Wherein lies the freedom for which was dearly paid,

by those without a mind of self-regard

That ratified our liberty against a tyrant’s whims?

Their legacy: that, we should stand and guard!

There now remains but few of us insisting on the truth,

outnumbered by the ignorance of sheep.

Though toiling in vain at times, we press upon our foes

the principles we live – and die- to keep.

The dawn of Revolution is quickly drawing nigh;

our Forefathers predicted this event.

But can Reason and civility turn back the hands of time,

and hard hearts soften and repent?

The battle lines are drawn – but blurred by saboteurs at times;

armies, still preparing for the fight.

Both sides, still insufficient, dread the coming war,

avoiding any skirmishes of spite.

God, find us men of Issachar to tell us what to do,

that withhold not a word of what is good.

For Providence dictates that a dynasty should fall,

restoring Faith, promoting Brotherhood.

Good Friends, elect men of the Faith to represent our Rights,

and lead us onward towards our treasured goal.

Removing all the policies that keep our People


before agenda reaps its final toll.

Let “The Plains of Hesitation” never be our mourn;

God’s Son and Word always be our guide.

Lest future generations look back on us in ire

as living proof of how we never tried.

That Freedom should remain our prize, in spite of all our faults,

and Liberty’s bell be forever heard;

The Constitution’s Principles stay foremost on our minds –

deriving power from the Living Word.

Or else the gongs of Hell itself shall shriek their awful sound,

destroying our great nation with all glee;

As God’s great wisdom handeth down His judgment on us all:

America – its posterity shall never be.

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