Born in South Central Kentucky and raised on a rural farm, Seth Peters grew up listening to gospel and praise music ranging from unpublished, local artists, to legends like Phil Keaggy and Keith Green; as well as 90’s country artists, and playing along on his guitar. At age 12, after hearing a classical chamber music cassette recorded and produced by WKU professor Dr. David Kelsey, along with accomplished graduates Stephen Webber and Sharon (Law) Whittinghill, he began picking out some of the tunes by ear. Overhearing this one day, his parents contacted Whittinghill, who ran a music education academy, and enrolled him in guitar lessons. Soon after, he was exposed to classic rock through a local musician’s group that met on Tuesday nights for hours of jamming and fun. One of the guitarists in this group introduced Seth to the music of Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani, and it was an instant hook that proved to shape his style and techniques forever. Others in the group were current and former professional live/studio musicians, who showed him the ropes to live sound, studio recording and musicianship.

After high school, Seth pursued studies as a gunsmith at Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado, but still focused heavily on music throughout his major, playing out locally and at benefit concerts. He also had opportunity to sit down and exchange notes with acoustic virtuoso Jaquie Gipson, and gained exposure to a whole new system of playing through her “Tapastring” fingerstyle. With the launch of internet platforming, and through a series of relationships stemming from the site TalentMatch, Seth met a keyboardist that was recruiting for the Christian rock band, Zaveth. After filling in as a guitarist for a gig, he moved to rural Caneyville, KY and became a full-time member of the band, and eventually their bassist, traveling to a variety of Midwest gigs and events, recording and releasing a 5-song EP, and performing at renowned Christian music festival Newsong. But in October of 2008, Seth was involved in a nearly deadly crash that broke nearly a third of his vertebrae, just as Zaveth was beginning to record their EP. This delayed the recording some, but as soon as he healed enough to move around he was back in the studio hammering out tracks on both acoustic guitar and electric bass.

When the band dissolved in 2009, Seth taught guitar lessons and recorded songs and ideas regularly while working at a lumber mill, and started a family with his wife, Nichole. The post-Recession economy forced him to be flexible with employment and he became a contractor/painter, heavy equipment operator, blasting technician and trucker, before finding his way into the financial services industry in 2021. During this period, he befriended local songwriters and developed his abilities as a studio engineer and musician. With the development of feasible online technology, Seth became an active member of the community and works with online and regional artists in songwriting and recording studio work.