Glad you made it! A little bit about me and this page: I began playing guitar over 25 years ago and have since branched out into several other stringed instruments. With a classical guitar background and an early introduction to live and studio sound engineering, I always thought it would be awesome to become a studio session player. Life has a way of throwing us a few curve-balls and I have only recently begun working from my home studio and networking with other musicians to produce “finished” songs, but one of my main goals is to complete an instrumental album in the progressive rock/fusion genre.

Quick soapbox: Musicians have one of the most difficult sources of reliable income, so go purchase the music you enjoy; don’t just stream it, support your favorite artists and buy all their music you can! The COVID-19 event was a hardship on everyone, but especially on those that rely on gatherings of people for their bread and butter. Make every effort to follow your preferred singers and musicians on social media if you use it, leave them tips, share them with your friends and become an advocate for the arts you admire!

I was blessed to be considered an “essential worker” (quick tip, we are all essential!) during “The Rona” as a truck driver by day, and my schedule allows me plenty of time to write, record and mix music, as well as pursue other financial avenues and hobbies including blacksmithing, gunsmithing as an FFL, gardening and woodworking projects. I may show off some of this in the Blog section as it comes up, stay tuned and subscribe to RSS feed!